• CG SHORT #10

    CG SHORT #10

    Positive Spiritual Outlook and Academic Success God’s promise in Matthew 6:33 isn’t for adults only. Oh, no. We’re seeing it fulfilled in the lives of our […]
  • CG SHORT #9

    CG SHORT #9

    Learning and Homework Go Hand in Hand Meaningful homework reinforces the learning that takes place at school. Students have a chance to put concepts into practice–to […]
  • CG SHORT #8

    CG SHORT #8

    Positive Friends Make a Positive Impact Most of us have seen how a desire to fit in can change a child’s behavior or attitudes. Kids influence […]
  • CG SHORT #7

    CG SHORT #7

    Take Time to Connect with your Child Most of us have discovered benefits that come from these times. We learn how our children think and feel… […]
  • CG SHORT #6

    CG SHORT #6

    Aim High and Expect Success What expectations do you have of your child? The answer could determine how well your child learns in school.
  • CG SHORT #5

    CG SHORT #5

    Family Chores Can Bring Rewards Every household has laundry to do, meals to prepare, trash to take out. And many parents have looked forward to the […]
  • CG SHORT #4 Making Music Makes Sense

    CG SHORT #4 Making Music Makes Sense

    Making Music Makes Sense Did you know that higher academic achievement has been linked to music? That’s what researchers are discovering in the CognitiveGenesis study. This […]
  • CG SHORT#3

    CG SHORT#3

    Read for Fun! Open Your Mind Reading has a way of stretching the mind. In fact, did you know that reading for fun may help your […]