• Stop & Listen to your kids
    CG Short #1 Stop and Listen to Your Kids

    CG Short #1 Stop and Listen to Your Kids

    It’s easy as parents to get caught up in the busyness of life. There are the daily chores, like making lunches, grocery shopping, paying bills–and, of […]
  • CG SHORT #10

    CG SHORT #10

    Positive Spiritual Outlook and Academic Success God’s promise in Matthew 6:33 isn’t for adults only. Oh, no. We’re seeing it fulfilled in the lives of our […]
  • CG SHORT #9

    CG SHORT #9

    Learning and Homework Go Hand in Hand Meaningful homework reinforces the learning that takes place at school. Students have a chance to put concepts into practice–to […]
  • CG SHORT #8

    CG SHORT #8

    Positive Friends Make a Positive Impact Most of us have seen how a desire to fit in can change a child’s behavior or attitudes. Kids influence […]
  • CG SHORT #7

    CG SHORT #7

    Take Time to Connect with your Child Most of us have discovered benefits that come from these times. We learn how our children think and feel… […]
  • CG SHORT #6

    CG SHORT #6

    Aim High and Expect Success What expectations do you have of your child? The answer could determine how well your child learns in school.
  • CG SHORT #5

    CG SHORT #5

    Family Chores Can Bring Rewards Every household has laundry to do, meals to prepare, trash to take out. And many parents have looked forward to the […]
  • CG SHORT #4 Making Music Makes Sense

    CG SHORT #4 Making Music Makes Sense

    Making Music Makes Sense Did you know that higher academic achievement has been linked to music? That’s what researchers are discovering in the CognitiveGenesis study. This […]