CognitiveGenesis is the first division-wide (United States, Canada, and Bermuda) study to assess Adventist academics in elementary and secondary schools. Researchers at La Sierra University, in conjunction with the North American Division Office of Education (NADOE) and the cooperation of all nine unions, participated in the project. This research initiative is documenting the academic achievement of approximately 30,000 students in the NAD and examines the various factors that are related to achievement.

Building Support for Adventist Education using ABSM

As a negotiation tool, ABSM (Agent Based Stakeholders Model) allows decision makers to test different strategies, alternative starting positions, and identify influence paths through other stakeholders in order to achieve better results.

The proprietary software developed by Claremont Graduate University researchers is being used by CRAE to identify and analyze the various stakeholders in Adventist education, in order to determine which group has influence and where and how that influence can be used to advance Adventist education.


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PLOT (Personality Life Orientation Test)

A joint research project with Loma Linda University that aims to develop an accurate and reliable survey instrument that can be used to determine the influence of life-style and personality traits on life decisions. The survey is currently in the validating stage. Contact our office or visit our website if you would like to participate in the survey.


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GIS Map of NAD Schools

Using geographical information system (GIS) technology to map and analyze the NAD education system. Analyses are planned for a number of variants, such as demographics and economic data. One application of this information will be to analyze the areas facing declining enrollment or closure.


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Achievement Gap

A joint research project with the University of Notre Dame that will utilize CognitiveGenesis data to determine if Adventist schools mitigate educational disadvantages for racial and ethnic minorities and for children from low-SES families.

Achievement Gap Research

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A new, volunteer based initiative specifically designed to recruit, structure and support volunteers for schools in the NAD. Check out our AACE section for more information.


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