?What is an Institutional Chapter?
Institutional chapters are organizations such as universities, hospitals, or small businesses that are passionate about Adventist education and looking to share their services and experience with schools across the country.
?What types of things can Institutional Chapters?
The support that Institutional Chapters offer Adventist K-12 schools really depends on the nature, purpose and resources of each particular organization. Here are some examples: • Sponsoring an academy’s 5K run • Sending education majors to mentor students • Create internship opportunities for academy students • Promote Adventist education within their organization • Support a school’s marketing campaign by providing advertising space
?I’m interested in signing up my organization to be an Institutional Chapter! Where do I begin?
1. Submit an Institutional Chapter application by mail or online (crae.lasierra.edu) 2. An AACE consultant will contact you directly.
?Who will Ambassadors-at-Large report to?
Once matched with a specific school and/or project, institutional chapters will work in collaboration with the school principal/head teacher and AACE office.