?What is AACE and how is it related to schools?
AACE was created specifically to help K-12 schools in the NAD by recruiting, supporting and organizing volunteers to champion Adventist education. We recognize that our Adventist schools need an active network of support and AACE seeks to facilitate this network by connecting Ambassadors to schools in need.
?What types of things can Ambassadors do for my school?
AACE’s vision is to see a groundswell of support for schools at the local level - through increased visibility within the community, improved strategic planning, a more active presence in constituent churches and other applicable areas of need. Our database of Ambassadors is filled with Ambassadors from many different walks of life. We have individuals such as graphic designers and marketing consultants who have applied to be Ambassadors-at-Large, and we also have several colleges and universities who have committed to using their contacts and resources to support our K-12 schools.
?We could use some support at our school! How do I make my request?
Making a request is easy! Fill out the School Request form online (aace.lasierra.edu) or send the completed application in the mail. Within 3-5 business days of receiving your application, an AACE consultant will contact the applicant and discuss the specifics of your school’s need. Then, pending availability of Ambassadors with applicable skillsets, the AACE consultant will match an Ambassador with your school and you can begin working with them on your project.
?My school has two very different projects that we need support with. Can we submit more than one request?
Yes. The application asks schools to list all of their requests in one place. AACE will endeavor to match as many Ambassadors as are available to meet each school’s needs.
?Who do Ambassadors report to?
Once matched with a specific school and/or project, Ambassadors will work in collaboration with the school principal/head teacher and AACE office.
?Does AACE screen its Ambassadors?
All Ambassadors are required to submit a background check that must clear through the local school or conference channels. AACE also checks each Ambassador’s references during the application process.