?What is AACE?
AACE is a volunteer-based organization, established by the Center of Research for K-12 Adventist Education, whose members – both individuals and organizations – recognize the benefits of Adventist education and seek to build support for our schools. AACE is designed to assist our principals and pastors by efficiently and effectively delegating tasks – particularly in the area of marketing and public relations – to passionate and capable volunteers.
?Why was AACE created? Don’t most schools already have a volunteer group like a Home and School organization or PTA?
AACE was created from an observed need in our educational system for more volunteers at the local level, actively championing Adventist education in the community. We believe that AACE can work collaboratively with Home & School groups or PTAs but will have additional specific functions that go beyond the scope of most parent organizations.
?How can AACE help my school/conference?
AACE will collaboratively work with your school and volunteer base to identify problem areas and focus on solutions that fit the needs of each specific campus. AACE will provide training and support for these volunteers who will be an active voice and supporter in the community for Adventist education.
?What will AACE volunteers (“Ambassadors”) do?
Ambassadors will be involved in areas such as: o Strategic planning o Designing websites o Networking in the community o Developing marketing strategies o Planning community events o Organizing fundraising ventures o Assisting the local pastor with Education Sabbath programs and home visitations
?Who will Ambassadors report to?
Ambassadors will work in collaboration with the school principal/head teacher.
?Will Ambassadors receive any training before working with schools?
Yes, AACE will provide training materials and videos that will cover information on the benefits of Adventist education, suggested scripts for home visitations, etc.
?Will AACE screen potential Ambassadors?
All Ambassadors must be background checked and cleared through the local school or conference channels. AACE will require a copy of their clearance before certifying them as Ambassadors.