1. “Adventist schools provide an inferior education compared to other schools.”

Response: CognitiveGenesis, an independent research study that recently tested over 51,000 students in 800 Adventist schools, found that students in these schools outperformed the national average in all subjects. Adventist education provides a clear academic advantage.

  1. “Adventist schools are too small. How can you learn in a multi-grade environment?”

Response: Recent research using CognitiveGenesis data also found that students scored as high or higher in smaller schools as they did in larger schools. Many public schools are actually hooking into this idea and intentionally creating combination classrooms on their campuses!

  1. “In today’s economy, we can’t afford Adventist education.”

Response: There are many, many resources available to help families! If Adventist education is a clear priority for your family, there are entities committed to making this available to every child. Please talk with your principal, pastor, AACE or conference official for more information.

  1. “My family is very involved in our church; my child’s spiritual upbringing can come from there.”

Response: While a strong church community is wonderful, it is hard to discount the 6-7 hours, 5 days a week that a student spends in school. According to the Valuegenesis3 research, 82 percent of 6th-12th grade students surveyed said that their faith development was strongly influenced by their school, as opposed to the 7 percent who said that their faith was more influenced by their home and family. This is an incredibly significant statistic! One cannot overlook the impact that teachers and school friends have on a child; why not supplement your church and family’s faith with an Adventist environment during school hours as well?

  1. “We don’t want to shelter our child by sending them to a private school.”

Response: Adventist schools don’t shelter our children; rather, our schools provide students with a strong foundation for their faith, enhancing their ability and desire to share Jesus with the world. Service learning – a key component in Adventist curriculum – underscores the value that Adventist education places on learning about, sharing with, and giving back to our community and world.

  1. “Adventist teachers are not as educated/certified/qualified as other teachers.”

Response: CognitiveGenesis found that Adventist school students’ higher academic achievement was directly associated with their teachers. Not only are Adventist teachers required to have and maintain their professional certifications, but their philosophical orientation also results in genuine care and attention towards every individual student, bringing a priceless quality to the Adventist schools’ academic climate.

  1. “Adventist schools don’t offer as many extracurricular activities as other schools.”

Response: On the surface, this statement may seem correct; however, upon closer observation, one will find that, unlike their counterparts, most Adventist schools have not eliminated “extracurricular” subjects such as music and art. Adventist education has a rich legacy of producing top quality musicians, due in large to the value we place in the arts in our academies and elementary schools. In addition, many Adventist schools provide more course offerings and extracurricular activities than the other schools in their area.

  1. “I’m planning on putting my child in Adventist education when it matters – junior high or high school…”

Response: One of the most fascinating and significant finds of CognitiveGenesis was what researchers simply called “the Adventist school effect.” The data showed that the longer students remained in the Adventist system, the higher their achievement was above the norm. The academic leads these students had increased over time. Simply put, the right time to put your child in an Adventist school is now.

  1. “I already have my child in a private school; Adventist education isn’t any different.”

Response: No other school system so completely reflects the values of the Adventist home and church. These values do indeed differentiate us from every other private school education.

  1. “I want my child to gain more perspectives from people of different cultures, races and religions.”

Response: The Adventist community is home to people from all walks of life. Our schools emphasize the worldwide perspective that is reflected in our community and serve students from many cultures, races and religions.