?What is an Ambassador-at-Large?
An Ambassador-at-Large is an individual who is not directly connected to any particular Adventist school, but would like to still support Adventist education by using his/her particular skillset and expertise.
?What types of things can an Ambassador-at-Large do?
There are plenty of ways that AACE can utilize Ambassadors-at-Large, depending on their background, skills and talents. Here are some examples: •A graphic designer could collaborate with a school down the street or in a different state and work closely with them to create new marketing materials. •An IT specialist could work with a school administrator to troubleshoot ongoing issues with the campus network and servers. •A writer could help write or edit copy for local newspaper articles or other public relations materials. •A medical professional could provide CPR/First Aid classes to staff members.
?I’m interested in becoming an Ambassador-at-Large! Where do I begin?
1. Search the online AACE database for schools in need or specific projects 2. Call the AACE office for additional information about a particular school or project. 3. Send in an application or apply online (crae.lasierra.edu) and add your name to our Ambassador-at-Large database.
?Who will Ambassadors-at-Large report to?
Once matched with a specific school and/or project, Ambassadors-at-Large will work in collaboration with the school principal/head teacher and AACE office.
?Will AACE screen potential Ambassadors-at-Large?
All Ambassadors must be background checked and cleared through the local school or conference channels. AACE will require a copy of their clearance before certifying them as Ambassadors. References will also be requested on the Ambassador-at-Large application.