Video Clips. The first ten videos based on results from CognitiveGenesis showing parents what they can do to enhance the academic learning of their children are now available to view on the CognitiveGenesis website (www.cognitivegenesis.org). These short 2-3 minute clips, narrated by Dick Duerksen and featuring students from Adventist church schools, are an effective marketing tool for schools as well as a valuable resource for parents.

PBS Film on Adventist Education. The filmmaker Martin Doblmeier announces that the shooting of the documentary on Adventist education is nearing completion. A small amount of on-location shooting needs to be finished as well as filming of interviews with leading private school educators. Because CognitiveGenesis is seen as an important element in the film, Dr. Kido is among those to be interviewed for the film. The hope is to include one or more writers/reporters from major news publications who can place Adventist Education in the wider picture of overall American private education. These people have been selected and pre-interviewed.

Sixty hours of footage have been collected so far. It is projected that an additional 12 weeks of writing and finishing work is needed to complete the film, taking the project into April. PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) generally schedules broadcasts for films approximately six months after they receive and review the final edited film. Before being aired on PBS television, the film will be available for showing to a select number of groups.

Martin Doblmeier says, “We believe we have collected extraordinary examples of contemporary stories of Adventist Education. Collectively they will create a picture of a vibrant and engaging people committed to providing quality, faith-based education to our children who are hungry for an alternative to the mainstream culture. We remain grateful for the confidence you have entrusted in us and our hope is to provide a final film that exceeds your expectations.”

CRAE Webinar. A webinar series of 10 sessions will start February 6 with authors of selected chapters from the book, Peril and Promise: Adventist Education at the Crossroads, providing the content of the sessions. Each session will address issues that resonate with current challenges facing K-12 Adventist schools. The issues will be presented by the author who addressed that specific topic in his/her book chapter.

The first session began on Wednesday, February 6, 1:30 pm PST with Dr. Thambi Thomas’ discussion, The 5% Solution: Making the “Vision” Viable Again. The session focused on two major challenges facing Adventist education: declining enrollment and shortage of funds to operate schools. One of the reasons that enrollment in Adventist K-12 schools is declining may be due to the “graying” of Adventist church membership. Another cause for the decline in enrollment in Adventist schools is the significant number of children in Adventist churches who attend public schools because their parents indicate that they just don’t have the money to pay tuition.

The session identified three areas where changes might make for more effective operation of Adventist schools and just might reverse the trend of declining enrollment:

1. Funding of Adventist education is predicated on an outdated formula of constituent church support that is strained or ineffective;

2. School board structure predicated on #1 above is in need of change;

3. Principals and school board/school constituencies need a renewed vision that can create a distinct “identity” for the school.

Bookazine. The first printing of the bookazine, Moving Minds and Hearts Upward, sold out. The publication has proved to be more popular than anticipated. A larger second printing is now available at AdventSource for $0.50 per copy if bought in bulk. Moving Minds and Hearts Upwardcan be procured by contacting AdventSource, or by going to their website,www.adventsource.org/as30/store-productDetails.aspx.

Brochure. A new brochure with a short summary of the CognitiveGenesis study has been created for schools to use in their marketing. It is now available through AdventSource for $0.25 per copy. This new brochure can be acquired by contacting AdventSource or by going to their website, http://www.adventsource.org/as30/store-productDetails.aspx?ID=37305


CRAE’s Newest Project: Building Support for Adventist Education Using ABSM (Agent-Based Stakeholder Modeling.) Two conferences, Central California and Southeastern California, are the first conferences to participate in ABSM initiatives in order to:

· Identify the most influential stakeholders in the conference’s education arena

· Analyze the various stakeholder coalitions and their relationships and how to create stronger coalitions to support Adventist Education

· Determine what stakeholder activities would most effectively boost support and enrollment

· Provide information for data-driven decisions/strategies related to Adventist Education in the conference

The desired outcome being increased support for Adventist Education with the ultimate goal of parents choosing Adventist Education for their children so they can become disciples for Christ.

Both CCC and SECC are in Phase 2 of their initiatives: Data Collection and Preliminary Analysis. CRAE’s ABSM analyst has interviewed subject matter experts (SMEs) in each conference and will begin developing a model based upon the attributes of stakeholders they have identified. In addition, each conference is in the process of collecting data from educators, pastors, and other relevant individuals to be analyzed along with the data collected from the SMEs. Each conference is expected to begin Phase 3 – Gaming/Simulation Session, Test Courses of Action, and Policy options – in late spring.


Versacare Grant Proposal. Submitted a proposal for matching funds to enable conferences to participate in the ABSM initiative, “Building Support for Adventist Education.”


Central California Conference Presentation. “The watchword of education: Something better” was the title of Dr. Kido’s presentation to the K-12 Board of Education on December 4, 2012. Dr. Kido stated that she considers herself an unofficial “education evangelist.” At the end of her presentation, she urged the school board members to consider themselves in the same role. Later the board passed a motion to make Dr. Kido an “education evangelist” for Central California Conference.

Upcoming. Presentations scheduled for the near future

January 12. Kona Seventh-day Adventist Church Education Day

January 15. Hawaii Conference Teachers

January 31. Southeastern California Conference Hispanic Pastors

February 13. Southeaster California Conference Education Management Team (principals)

March 2. St. Louis Central Seventh-day Adventist Church Education Day