Dissemination of the good news about Adventist Education as demonstrated through the CognitiveGenesis study continues to be a major focus of the Center for Research on K-12 Adventist Education (CRAE). The implementation of the marketing strategy is one of the avenues through which various audiences are reached. The newest Center initiative is “Pastors and the Future of Adventist Education,” focusing on pastors as the critical group that can advance or hinder the support of Adventist Education. Two conferences in the Pacific Union have committed to studying this issue and have received matching grants (thanks to a generous donor couple) to fund the research in their conferences.


CognitiveGenesis Project: Moving Hearts and Minds Upward. Distribution of this most attractive publication was launched at the NAD Teachers’ Convention in Nashville where six thousand copies were distributed to the attendees. The sixteen-page “bookazine” summarizes the academic achievement findings of the CognitiveGenesis study. It also identifies factors found in student lifestyle and home and school practices that influence academic achievement. The bookazine further discusses the added value of Adventist education – the nurturing of spiritual development. It is an excellent tool to put in the hands of parents and others responsible for making decisions regarding where children are sent to school. The bookazines are available through AdventSource for less than a dollar a copy. Their website is www.adventsource.org

Documentary Film on Adventist Education. Filming for the PBS documentary tentatively titled, Teach the Children Well, continues. Filming is complete

  • At Oakwood Academy
  • With Lisa Beardsley
  • With Larry Blackmer
  • With David Trim

Historian George Knight is to be filmed next. The film trailer premiered at the North American Division Teachers’ Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. The five-minute-long trailer was viewed by the 6,000 attendees of the convention and continues to be viewed as Dr. Elissa Kido and filmmaker Martin Doblmeier have opportunities to present it.

Off the Press. Peril and Promise: Crossroads of Adventist Education is in distribution. The first copies were available from AdventSource at the Teachers’ Convention in Nashville. The book contains the keynote addresses and 17 papers submitted to the National Summit on Adventist Education at La Sierra University in 2010. The chapters discuss the current state of Adventist education covering the topics of mission, governance, curriculum, marketing, and funding. They include are creative remedies for problems facing schools and descriptions of innovative practices that have solved problems in specific schools. It is a must-read for those involved with Adventist Education, K through University.

They’re Here! A series of ten short videos offering practical applications of CognitiveGenesisresearch results are now available for use in schools, churches, and parent-teacher meetings. The 2-3 minute videos, narrated by Dirk Duerksen, present practical applications of research factors shown to boost academic achievement. For example, what does good nutrition have to do with good test scores? How can parents heighten their child’s achievement with the breakfast they provide? These videos can be obtained at the following website:www.vimeo.com/coggen


Dr. Kido’s demanding schedule of presentations and discussions with church, leadership, and professional educator groups across the United States keeps her on the move. The third quarter of 2012 included the following meetings:

July 31-Aug 1. Faculty and Staff Colloquium, Oakwood University, Huntsville, Alabama

Elissa Kido made three presentations to the faculty and staff of Oakwood University including a question-and-answer session about the Center’s newest initiative, Agent-Based Stakeholders Model (ABSM).

August 2-4. Alumni Homecoming and Inauguration of New President, University of Southern Caribbean, Port of Spain, Trinidad

“Perils and Promise of Adventist Education”

August 5-8. North American Division Teachers’ Convention, Nashville, Tennessee

Elissa Kido Presentation: “CognitiveGenesis I: Descriptive Results”

Jerome Thayer Presentation: “CognitiveGenesis II: Relationship Results”

August 25. San Gabriel Academy Teachers’ Dedication, San Gabriel, CA

“Educating for Now and Eternity”

September 1. Costa Mesa Seventh-day Adventist Church, Costa Mesa, CA

“How Does Adventist Education Measure Up?”

September 22. Jerome Thayer presenter, Adventist Forum, Andrews University

“CognitiveGenesis: The Impact of K-12 Adventist Schools on Students”

September 27. Central California Conference Pastors’ Meeting, Soquel, CA

“Pastors and the Future of Adventist Education”

Elissa Kido gave a 2-hour presentation and workshop for all the pastors in the Central California Conference.

North American Division Journey to Excellence Award. Elissa Kido received the Journey to Excellence Award at the NAD Teachers’ Convention in Nashville “in grateful appreciation and distinguished recognition of your hard work, passion and commitment to excellence.” This is the highest award given by the North American Division to its educators.