On the 3rd of April, five TV stations in South Carolina shared the honor of being the first PBS stations to air Martin Doblmeier’s The Blueprint: The Story of Adventist Education. The current schedule is posted on CRAE’s website. Times are subject to change so check your local listings for times and dates in your area.

The BLUEPRINT focuses on Seventh-day Adventist education, the third-largest private-school system in the United States and the second-largest in the world. More than a century ago, Ellen White championed the now widely used, “whole person” approach to education that encompasses body, mind and spirit. This “blueprint for education” specifically emphasizes skilled training, healthful living and community service within a safe, faith-based environment. The film samples a few classrooms in the nearly 900 Adventist schools across the United States. Profiled schools include The Holbrook Navajo Indian School in Arizona, Columbine Christian School in Colorado, Spencerville Adventist Academy in Maryland, The Bronx-Manhattan School in New York, Pinon Hills School in New Mexico, Fletcher Academy in North Carolina, and Oakwood Academy in Huntsville, Tennessee. The film also features interviews with school administrators, teachers, students as well as historians and education pioneers Charles Bradley, George Knight, and Parker Palmer, author of The Courage to Teach.

We urge you to encourage your friends, neighbors, and fellow church members to watch the film.The Blueprint gives an objective view of Adventist education showing how the curriculum is tailored to meet local needs. As well as being an enjoyable experience, the film is a great way of acquainting communities with their friends, the Adventists, and is also an effective marketing tool for local church schools.

In addition to airing on Public Broadcasting, every church and every school in North America has a DVD of the film, which they can show at any time as long as they don’t broadcast it on TV. Summer is the time parents are making the decisions about next year’s schooling—a good time to show the film, reminding them of the advantages of your local church school. Ask your pastor or principal to schedule a local viewing. Personal copies are available for sale at

COMING SOON: The Blueprint has been translated into Spanish. As soon as it is ready for distribution, a notice will appear first on our Facebook page.

Atlantic Union Conference is the first conference to complete the Agent-Based Stakeholder Modeling (ABSM) process for the issue: Building support for K-12 Adventist education as the primary choice in Atlantic Union Conference. The CRAE team collected various data from individuals with expert knowledge about AU Conference stakeholders in order to create an agent-based stakeholder model. This model serves as an analytical framework to understand how current AU Conference stakeholders of Adventist K-12 education interact and to create observed patterns of support and opposition to Adventist K-12 education in the Atlantic Union Conference. The model was then used to test suggested courses of action to increase support or shift opposition to support for Adventist K-12 education.

The report detailing the outcomes of suggested courses of action as well as recommendations about what additional data should be collected has been given to the AU Conference leadership. The report is meant to help them make an informed decision regarding the course of action they believe most closely achieves the outcomes they desire.

A 3’ x 5’ map showing the location of all Adventist-operated early childhood education centers, elementary, secondary, and tertiary schools in the North American Division (NAD) hangs in the CRAE office. As additional information is gathered, a new map is posted. It is truly a work-in-progress. The exact location of each school has to be checked for accuracy. The map identifies each school by its organizational type from Preschool through University. It also identifies some schools that are currently inactive. The next phase is to include the location of churches, hospitals, and other SDA organizations; then perhaps relevant data will be added from the U.S. census or other sources.

Analyses are planned for a number of variants, such as demographics and economic data. One application of this information will be to analyze the areas facing declining enrollment or closure. Having more information about each school will be invaluable in understanding local situations and how to address them. It will be useful to the division, unions, conferences, churches, and local schools.

CRAE is among the first – if not the first – to use geographical information system (GIS) technology to map and analyze the NAD education system. It is and will continue to be an on-going process of updating, aggregating, and analyzing for research and informational purposes.

Southern Union, in collaboration with the School of Public Health at Loma Linda University and the North American Division Office of Education, is spearheading research on the third component of Adventist holistic education: the physical aspect. CRAE has been invited to help with the project. Currently, CRAE is involved in a literature search on the correlation between academic achievement and physical activity.

April 17 – 19. Milpitas SDA Church, Milpitas, CA. Elissa Kido was speaker for the church service, discussing education and the secrets to success.

April 27 – 29. Atlantic Union Conference, Utica, NY: An interactive session with union leadership to discuss the findings of the ABSM research.

May 27. Consortium of Adventist Medical Education Leaders (CAMEL) Conference: Loma Linda University Medical Education. Elissa Kido spoke about the results of the CognitiveGenesis study.

May 31. Loma Linda Indonesian SDA Church, Redlands, CA. Elissa Kido was speaker for the church service on Adventist education, “Educating for Today and Eternity.”

June 20. Central States Conference Education Summit, Kansas City, KS. “Educating for Today and Eternity.”

June 21. Central States Conference Camp Meeting, Kansas City, KS. “Pastors and Their Critical Role for the Success of Adventist Education.”

June 21. Kansas City Central Adventist Church, Kansas City, MO. Dr. Kido presented on “The Ultimate Advantage.”

June 28. Perris Spanish SDA Church, Perris, CA. Elissa Kido presented on “La Maxima Ventaja.”


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