During the first quarter of this year, CRAE emphasized the dissemination of the CognitiveGenesis 4-year test results. Dissemination continues to be the main goal; however, our energies are now focused on targeting different populations with information that is relevant to them. With this goal in mind, CRAE has embarked on numerous new projects designed to spread the good news about Adventist education.


Pastoral Support Crucial to School Success. Preliminary research shows that pastors have more influence in affecting Adventist school health by their support or opposition than any other group of people; therefore CRAE has targeted pastors as a major focus group.

Documentary Film for PBS Television. Martin Doblmeier reports that great progress has been made on the film. He is enthusiastic about what he is finding in Adventist education and is quick to vocalize how deeply impressed he is with what he has seen. After filming the Bronx-Manhattan SDA School, he went back for its 8thgrade graduation. The ceremony was a deeply emotional event and a fitting close to that portion of the film. The film is scheduled for release in early 2013. Please see the film progress report for more details.

The CRAE Book: CRAE’s first book, Peril and Promise: Adventist Education at the Crossroads, is at the printers.It is composed of selected papers submitted in the fall of 2010 at the National Summit on Adventist Education held at La Sierra University. The papers were chosen to cover five areas of concern: mission, governance, curriculum, marketing, and funding with both practical, workable suggestions for schools as well as intriguing suggestions that challenge educators to try something new. Copies will be available at the NAD Teachers’ Convention in Nashville this August. Orders will also be accepted through AdventSource.

NAD Teachers’ Convention: CRAE will be sharing a booth with La Sierra University. There will be an opportunity to view short videos from the series narrated by Dirk Duerksen as well as “a teaser” from the upcoming PBS television documentary. A copy of the bookazine, “Moving Hearts and Minds Upward,” describing the results of CognitiveGenesis research will also be given to each attendee. It is an excellent resource for parents and others wanting the latest information on the academic achievement of students in Adventist schools. It is also available at AdventSource.


Analyzing the NAD Adventist educational landscape to determine strategies for support.

The project is designed to answer three questions:

  1. What is the effect of the status quo on future support for Adventist education?
  2. Who are the key stakeholders able to influence greater support for Adventist education?
  3. What stakeholder activities can generate support for Adventist education?

Preliminary results suggest that the drivers of support for Adventist education may differ by region. Conferences and unions are being encouraged to participate in this project so that they can more accurately identify the source of support in their area, and then strategize how to harness that support to increase enrollment and strengthen their schools.

Adventist Academy Graduation Rates. Through this project, CRAE was able to show that the graduation rate in the NAD for 2011 was 97.5% with 88.6% of those going on to college in the fall of 2012. CRAE is the only known entity that is collecting this type of data.

Closing the Gap. CRAE is also collaborating with Notre Dame University in assessing the academic outcomes of disadvantaged students in Adventist schools.


Dr. Kido’s demanding schedule of presentations and discussions with church, leadership, and professional educator groups across the United States keeps her on the move.  The second quarter of 2012 included the following meetings:

April 7. Chula Vista SDA Church

“Educating for Eternity”

April 15-18. AERA Convention, Vancouver, Canada

“A National Study Examining the Relationships between Achievement and Student, Home, Teacher, and School Factors”

April 19-21. Omaha Education Summit, Kansas-Nebraska Conference

“How does Adventist Education Measure Up?”

“What is the Adventist Education Advantage?”

“Educating for Eternity”

April 23-28. Greater New York Conference

“Pastors and the Future of Adventist Education.”

“Greater New York Conference CognitiveGenesis Report”

“How does Adventist Education Measure Up?”

May 1-3. NAD Hispanic Advisory Meeting, Silver Spring, MD

“The Adventist Educational Advantage for Adventist Ethnic Students”

May 5. San Marcos SDA Church

“Education for Now and Eternity”

May 28. Iowa-Missouri Camp Meeting, Columbia, MO

“Predicting the Future”

“Is there an Adventist Education Advantage?”

June 1-3. South Central Camp Meeting – Oakwood University

“Pastors and the Future of Adventist Education”

“Educating for Today and Eternity”

June 18. Principals’ Webinar

“CognitiveGenesis: Factors Related to Good Achievement”

Upcoming. Presentations scheduled for the near future

July 31-August 2. Oakwood University Faculty and Staff Colloquium.

August 4. University of the Southern Caribbean, Trinidad.

August 6. NAD K-12 Teachers’ Convention

August 16-18. San Gabriel Academy Education Weekend

September 1. Costa Mesa SDA Church

September 27. Central California Conference Pastors’ Meeting